Benefits of Window Replacement When Selling a Home

There are several things that stand out in a real estate listing and new windows is one of them. While window replacement can be an expense, it’s something that can be a good investment either when selling a home or buying a fixer-upper.

Up the Curb Appeal

New windows look great. They add significant curb appeal. They give potential buyers one less thing to worry about — and people do think about what might be needed in the upcoming 3-5 years when buying a new house. A new roof, new electrical, new windows? These can be off-putting to many.

Conversely, knowing that recent upgrades have taken place can up not only the interest factor, but also the offer price. Many renovations before selling can translate to a great return on investment when it comes to the sales price of the home and new windows happens to be one of those, in many cases.

Energy Efficiency & New Windows

New windows can also boost a home’s energy efficiency — significantly. This can translate to increased interest as well. People like the idea of buying a ‘greener’ home with energy efficiency. Today’s new windows can have many features that people appreciate, too.

A new window installation consultation can be one of the areas you consider when getting a home ready to sell. More than one quote can help you explore cost efficiency, but keep in mind that the type of windows you choose can also impact how much of a return on investment you get. Some windows are more efficient than others. Some window types also offer more appeal to people.

Even from a security standpoint, people feel better about newer windows. They can have better security features, putting peoples’ minds at ease. And would-be thieves might see homes with older windows as more vulnerable and an easier target.

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