Commercial Water Restoration Services In Albuquerque Will Reduce The Change For Mold To Develop

One of the biggest concerns an owner needs to think about after a water event is the development of mold within the structure. Whether the water event occurred because of the weather, flooding from a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet, broken hot water tank or a fire, immediate Commercial Water Restoration Services in Albuquerque needs to be performed. Flooding in a building can cause mold to develop within 48 to 72 hours and will create a health hazard. A restoration company will provide a fast response time and advanced drying methods to prevent mold from developing and additional damage to the structure or its contents.

What Is Involved In Water Restoration Services?

The first thing that must be done in a water event is to stop the cause of the flooding, remove the water and decontaminate the area. The type of water that cause the flooding will determine what type of process needs to take place. Black or gray water from sewage, outside flooding, or a leaking fish tank will take additional decontamination measures to create a healthy environment.

Extraction Of Water

The water that caused the flooding will need to be extracted by Commercial Water Restoration Services in Albuquerque and large fans and dehumidifiers will need to be placed in the building. In certain cases, the windows will be opened to improve the airflow and reduce the chance of mold developing.

Items That May Need To Be Replaced After The Water Is Extracted

Even with the fastest response to extract water from a building and dry the area, walls, floors, clothing, shelves, ductwork, heating or air conditioning systems, drapery and carpet may need to be replaced. Mold spores in certain items are difficult to remove and the only way to correct the problem is by replacing them.

If your home or business has suffered flooding, contact a commercial restoration service as quickly as possible. They offer 24-hour emergency services because they know the importance of fast action in these types of situations. The will help to restore a building to its original condition. For more information about commercial water restoration services, carpet or upholstery cleaning, please visit

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