Painters in Redmond, WA who “Paint It Forward”

Whenever you feel like the house looks a bit old or shabby, all it takes is one phone call to the painters in Redmond, WA to make it look brand new. Then you have the furniture covered so as to avoid paint splatters and dirt, you purchase gallons of paint, and you choose a new color for your house’s new look. However, this painting job isn’t as cheap as you think it is. People spend bucks just to get rid of wood-rot on the porch or patched areas on their walls, and have paint conceal all the imperfections there is to see. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this kind of renovation.

It’s more than just a Job.

House painting contractors like that of Rite Painting provides opportunities for those whose houses are in great need of repainting. Their company actually spearheaded the program called “Paint It Forward” wherein people get to nominate the ones whose houses deserve a paint job, and then they would do it for free. This goes to show that there are painting companies out there who see house painting as more than just a job, but as a genuine service that contributes positively not only to themselves but also to their community.

It’s For a Good Cause

If you take the time to focus on these people and listen to their stories as to how they started, some of these painters from Redmond WA actually started from scratch, being hired as painters themselves, before establishing their own companies eventually. Apparently, most of them know how hard it is to earn money and climb up the socio-economic ladder just to be able to afford the things that they want and especially those that they need.

A Hand for Design and a Heart of Gold

So if you’re looking for a painting company near you, try hiring Rite Painting. Who knows? Maybe you’d be able to help someone else who’s in need of a paint job!

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