Tree Thinning and Other Pruning Methods

Most people think tree service companies typically only cut down trees. However, the majority of their work is actually trimming or pruning trees to help them grow healthy and for an aesthetically pleasing look. There are several different types of tree thinning in Burnaby, with each task depending on the needs of the client and of the tree’s. The primary method of pruning is also dependent on the season, size and/or the age of the tree.

What is Tree Thinning?

One of the most common methods of pruning in Burnaby is tree thinning. Thinning is also known as drop-crotching or selective cutting. This type of pruning consists of the complete removal of branches, either to a lateral branch or back to the main stem. With tree thinning the overall shape of the tree is left intact. Wounds from pruning are closer to the stem and typically heal quicker.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is another pruning method, which involves cleaning up the dead branches which are preventing new growth. Areas of growth which may eventually become problematic are also removed. Crown thinning is done to help increase the penetration of light, which helps increase the growth of internal leaves. Crown cleaning can also reduce the risk of damage from high winds during a storm.


When a tree thinning in Burnaby is not enough to mend the damaged areas, topping is often done. Topping is a more extensive method of pruning, which consists of cutting the top of the tree into a snow-cone shape or a flat-top. When topping is done, there will be excessive amounts of new shoots which will develop quickly; these will produce numerous succulent and fast growing sprouts. The tree will also have a bushy appearance and the branches will typically angle upwards. Topping trees will significantly reduce the amount of leaves on the tree, which limits its ability to make energy through photosynthesis.

Tree thinning is one of the most important things you can do to help influence the health and growth of trees in Burnaby. When a tree is properly thinned, it can reduce overcrowding, which will relieve stress on the tree. Thinning is also beneficial for reducing fire hazards, such as when the tree is too close to the power lines. Thinning helps create a more aesthetic appeal, because it makes the trees appear more open and inviting to wildlife. For more information or to enlist the services of professional tree thinners in Burnaby, contact Tree Works.

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