When to Call a Wildlife Expert for Opossum Removal in Westerville, OH

Opossums colloquially referred to as possums, are a common nuisance animal in Ohio. Since they are opportunistic animals, they can wind up causing trouble in just about any residential area. They are slow-moving but are excellent climbers, making it easy for them to take up residence in attics and other man-made structures.

While possums are slow and small, they shouldn’t be considered completely harmless. If one or more opossums takes up residence in or very close to a house intended for human inhabitation, it can pose a serious threat. Read on to find out when it’s appropriate to be concerned, and when to call for Opossum Removal in Westerville OH.

Possums in the Home

As noted above, attics are the most common entry point for possums, and most of them don’t venture much farther into homes. However, they can cause enough of a hassle in the attic by leaving their large droppings and potentially exposing homeowners and their families to dangerous diseases. It’s usually fairly obvious when there is a possum in the attic or elsewhere in the home, as they also carry a very distinctive odor.

Attics aren’t the only places possums are frequently found. They can also take up residence beneath a porch or shed, leaving these structures prone to damage and making theĀ  animal pests quite difficult to remove. A wildlife expert with experience in Opossum Removal in Westerville OH won’t just be able to remove any possums that are already present in or beneath these structures but can also take preventative measures against future infestations.

Stealing Garbage

As noted above, possums are opportunistic animals. If there is any trash left outside, they will almost certainly get into it and make a mess. If opossums aren’t prevented from eating the garbage, they’ll just keep coming back for more, so even if the animals don’t live in the structure itself, it’s usually worth calling a wildlife removal expert to trap and remove them.

Harassing Pets

Homeowners with pets like cats and small dogs might find that opossums in the area will be attracted to any pet food left outside and come to investigate. These pests can then wind up harassing household pets, which can be a serious danger to the pets’ health. Contact Your Ohio Wildlife Pro for additional information today.

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