Windstorms and Hailstorms Call for Roof Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Has your home been totaled in a weather disaster? If so, you need to call Task Construction to help you with your insurance claim. They will document and take pictures and meet with the insurance adjuster ensuring that, either you’re fairly compensated for your totaled home or money to begin restoring the home is on the way or received. This is a company who will take time to help you by getting everything moving in a positive direction so they can get you back to normal in your beautiful home as quickly as possible. If the rest of your home is fine and just the roof is damaged, you’ll have the finest roofing company in the city working for you.

When the company doing Roof Repair in Indianapolis, IN repairs or installs a brand new roof for you, they’ll offer certified extended warranties on all jobs, whether large or small. They’re known all over the Indianapolis and surrounding areas for the great care they give to all customers. Word of mouth advertising has caused their company to grow steadily throughout the ten years they’ve been in business. Clients know they’re not a ‘fly by night’ company that rides into town after a disaster and is soon gone to another city to make more money.

When you hire an exceptional company for your Roof Repair in Indianapolis, IN, you can be sure that work will be completed on time. They are also a company that can be relied upon all the time, all year long. Whether you home has had just a few shingles lifted up during the latest windstorm or the entire roof has been torn off, they can repair it to look exactly the way it was before or you can choose an entirely new and colorful roofing material. They also carry liability insurance while working on your property and if a worker gets injured on the job, they carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Because the company is so well known, you’ll never have to worry about that your roofing repairs or replacements will be completed in a timely manner. It’s also very easy to contact them, either by phone or sending an email through their ‘contact us’ button on the website. You’ll enjoy reading the happy customer testimonials and viewing the ‘gallery’ while you’re on the company website.

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