5 Things to Remember about Your Windows

New windows brings a lot of benefits to the table: style upgrade, lower energy consumption costs and better comfort. But before you settle on your pick for a window replacement in San Rafael, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Be mindful of the signs

First off, windows don’t rot and decay out of the blue. You’ll have plenty of signs along the way. Learn to pay attention to those signs so you won’t end up surprised one morning because you can’t open or shut your windows anymore. Early repairs can help you save on the cost of new windows.

Repairs can only do so much

Don’t think you can do repairs on your windows forever, though. Sooner or later, you’ll need to install new ones especially if your windows are already beyond the 15th year or even 20th year mark. Well-maintained windows last but they don’t last for more than 20 years or so. If you’re approaching that timeframe, you’ll need to prepare your wallet so you can spring for a window replacement in San Rafael soon.

The earlier, the better

Faulty windows can lead to more serious foundation problems. The leaks around your old windows could let in humidity and moisture into your walls or floors and this could lead to problems that could ultimately weaken the structural integrity of your house. Don’t let that happen. As soon as you see signs of disrepair, start shopping for replacement windows.

Ask about replacement parts

That upgrade might sound nifty and exactly what you need but will it be easy to find replacement parts for it? Ask the window installation company so you don’t make a choice you’d soon regret, says the Family Handyman.

Don’t DIY it

Lastly, if you have zero experience and tools, let pros handle the installation for you. This will ensure zero installation mistakes.

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