A dictionary of window types

A window is primarily a device which allows light into a house. It is set into the wall of a building and fitted with glass. This is a basic definition but it does not do justice to the wide variety of windows supplied by Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs.
Let’s have a look at various window types and identify their pros and cons, starting with the letter “A.”

Awning windows:

1. Pros: These windows are hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom; they are designed to let in maximum light and breeze. They are often used in bedrooms where there is a need for light, but also privacy. The window can be cracked open slightly to allow for ventilation. They can be placed anywhere.
2. Cons: The screens are on the inside which means a lot of dust and dirt that would normally stay outside will fall on your floor.

Casement windows:
1. Pros: Similar to awning windows but hinged on the side, they can open out for fresh air and breezes from the side. Casements open and close with a crank and afford very good sealing. They are great for installation in difficult places, such as over a kitchen sink.
2. Cons: Easy to break into, especially if the house is old and the casement hardware is deteriorated.

Double hung windows:
1. Pros: Double hung casement windows manufactured by Anderson windows in Colorado Springs are easy to access and provide maximum ventilation. The bottom pane can rise or the upper pane can lower. They are ideal for children’s room as they cannot crawl out through the bottom.
2. Cons: They are hard to seal and have a tendency to leak; only 50% of the window can be opened.

Picture windows:
1. Pros: They create a wide, unobstructed view of outside and are best installed where ventilation is not a consideration. Picture windows, when used in co-operation with sliding glass doors allow for a great expansion of light.
2. Cons: These windows cannot open and the large glass makes them more vulnerable to breaking.

Bay windows:
1. Pros: The multiple panels allow for views other than straight out, also light can enter the room from different directions. The side windows can be opened. These windows have a tendency to dress up the exterior and are primarily used in family rooms and master bedrooms.
2. Cons: The side windows cannot be fitted with screens.

Jalousie windows:
1. Pros: jalousie windows are made of a series of glass slats that fit in a frame and can be opened and closed like a louver. The panels overlap and can be opened and closed by varying degrees to let in as much light and air as required.
2. Cons: They are impossible to seal and are suitable only where the year round climate is comfortable.
There are other styles such as hopper windows which are rarely used except in basement window wells.

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