A Fence for Rent in Chicago Protects People, Property and the Environment

People usually think of construction sites, when they think of temporary fences. However, a Fence For Rent in Chicago can be used for many other functions as well. These include music concerts, seasonal festivals and municipal street fairs. Even large family reunions and graduation parties may require temporary fences. Homeowners and business owners can choose from several kinds of temporary fences. These include a post-driven temporary fence, a free-standing panel fence, silt fence, privacy windscreen, gates, crowd control barricades and orange tree protection.

Construction sites often require a post-driven temporary fence around their exterior. These fences are often in place for several months. They have to be strong enough and tall enough to discourage vandals and thieves. There is no need to make them attractive or friendly. They are often topped with barbed wire to discourage people from climbing over them. When the construction job is complete, the fence is taken down. Constructions sites often need additional fences on the interior as well. Environmental regulations require that wetland areas be protected from silt, sand and other construction runoff. Silt fences must be installed prior to the start of construction. They have to be trenched into the ground at least six inches and be about 30 inches tall. Wooden stakes are pounded into the ground to keep them secure.

Public events such as music concerts and street fairs are fun and create a sense of community. They often bring people into a city’s downtown business district and stimulate small business. A Fence for Rent in Chicago can help keep people safe. Crowd control fences are used to create paths for pedestrians as they visit the attractions. They are often having a good time and forget they are sharing the road with cars and bikes. Sometimes an entire portion of road is closed off and transformed into a concert venue. Other times just one lane of traffic is made into a pedestrian walk. Fences are used to delineate the new traffic pattern. United Rentafence is one of the companies in the Chicago area that provide temporary fences. They are happy to meet with people and companies to suggest temporary fencing solutions.

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