A Poured Seamless Floor is Durable Garage Flooring in NY

For some men, the garage is the most important room in the house. It is their man cave and where they keep their toys. Two-car garages used to be considered a luxury, now it’s not uncommon to see four- or five-car garages. These often belong to car enthusiasts who restore and detail their cars in the garage. When they are done, they want their garage to be a showcase for their masterpieces. It’s important to have the proper Garage Flooring in NY. A typical concrete floor will show stains and dirt, because it is very hard to clean.

A poured seamless flooring is perfect for a garage. These long-lasting floors need almost no maintenance. The car enthusiast can replace a transmission and drop oil and other engine fluids on the floor without worry. A quick mop up and the floor will be gleaming again. Although the floor may look shiny and smooth, it is slip-resistant. Small granules can be added to the flooring mixture to provide traction. Color pigments can be added to the flooring mixture to produce a variety of colors and patterns. In addition to a dappled pattern that covers the entire floor, a logo can be added to the center of the floor. A car enthusiast who collects vintage Mustangs could have the vintage Mustang logo incorporated into his Garage Flooring in NY.

There are many different kinds of poured flooring available. These include urethane, acrylic and epoxy. A customer should make sure that they hire a flooring company that has trained technicians who can install all of these. This ensures that the company will pick the best materials for his particular need. Technicians who are trained by the manufacturer know the latest methods of installing and maintaining these kinds of floors. When these technicians install a poured floor, it has a 10-year warranty against wear and delamination. If a homeowner installs it himself, manufacturers cut the warranty in half and provide only five years of protection.

Hoffman Floor Covering is one of the companies that installs poured seamless flooring in New York. Homeowners can visit their website (hoffmanfloorcovering.com) to learn more about using this kind of flooring in their garage. You can also visit their Google+ profile.



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