AC Maintenance: 5 Tips to Get It Right

Poor maintenance can lead to a breakdown of your air conditioning unit much, much sooner rather than later. Here are top tips to help your unit last longer.

Change the filters

Clogged and dirty filters reduce the air flow of your unit. If you’re starting to suffer from frequent allergies, that could be caused by the clogged filters too. Clogged filters aren’t as efficient at filtering contaminants out of your indoor air so you’ll need to change your filters. Do this every two to three months if you have kids or pets or if you suffer from allergies, Real Simple says. Hire pros to replace the filters to make sure everything goes without any problems.

Clear the clutter

Check out the coils in your outdoor condenser unit. If there are any grass clippings or items that block the exterior fins, get them out of the way first before you put in a call to a service firm for AC maintenance in Kauai.

Get roadblocks out

Airflow is critical to your cooling system. That’s why it’s important that there’s nothing blocking the unit vents. Move that dresser, your clothes, books or bed until the area around the unit is clear.

Do visual checks

Do regular visual checks of your unit. That’s one way to nip problems in the bud. As soon as you see any signs of problems like a weak airflow, leaks or even icy coils, then get help. Call a service company for AC maintenance in Kauai to help you perform those checks and determine the extent of the damage if there is any.

Do your homework

Be sure to hire the right maintenance crew for the job. The last thing you want is to pay for the services of a dodgy repair technician. Read the company’s background and check out customer reviews online before you pick a firm.

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