Acrylic, Urethane and Epoxy Floor For Residential or Commercial Needs

Poured seamless flooring is a great choice for any home or business. There are hundreds of different looks and textures offered-literally hundreds. Epoxy Floor. acrylic and urethane materials, along with self levelers and flexible floor system are available. Because the flooring is seamless, it has no grout to collect dirt and bacteria. This makes it functional and durable.

Style and versatility allow for several combinations throughout the home, office or industrial setting. Low maintenance is an added bonus that makes it a cost effective option. This flooring is also slip resistant for safety. The benefits make poured seamless flooring worth considering for floor.

In addition to living spaces in your home, Epoxy Floor is great for garages and basements. They are non-porous and water resistant which means there is less chance of bacteria and fungal growth. Commercial laboratories and showrooms are easy to clean when epoxy surfaces are used. Floors are safer for employees and help efficiency by possibly lowering the number of accidents and falls. Reduced costs in insurance rates and workers’ compensation claims further savings and make it even more cost effective.

There are industrial uses such as warehouses and factories that make seamless flooring hard to beat. Companies like Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation can review all the options and safety features so you know what choices you have available.

Specialty floors can present a new set of challenges to the home or business owner/operator. The sizing or configuration can be difficult to fit with other flooring like tile or carpeting. A poured seamless floor is always a perfect fit. Color and texture are features that can make the floor look uniform or bigger in a tight area or an uncommon shaped space. You can also take advantage of a specialty space and make it “pop” for the customer.

A higher end car, for example will stand out in an oval or rounded alcove when you have applied this flooring in the showroom. Priority for certain tasks or research projects can be illustrated in that elongated rectangle space by the door in a laboratory. Show off family heirlooms in that crescent -shaped spot off the living room. An easy to clean, slip resistant floor can allow you to view them with less risk of falling or sliding into the display case.



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