All about Commercial Wallcoverings

Whether you are in the market for brightly colored, commercial wallcoverings or toned-down organics, here at Wolf-Gordon, we offer a litany of themes, colors, textures, and above all else, quality.

With you the customer in mind, we gather the finest linens, silks, fabrics, and organics for you review and ultimately use in your home or office. Our expert designs are perfect for your needs, whether it’s a high traffic environment, like a hotel or hospital, or a more relaxed environment, like a private office. No matter the location, Wolf-Gordon provides the most appealing, sustainable options for any of your commercial wallcoverings needs.

Why We Are Different

Contract magazine cited us as being the top choice in the commercial wallcoverings category in 2014. This comes as no surprise when you factor in the quality of our work, the detail we put into each design, and the diverse options we offer to each customer.

For contract coverings, we provide many lucrative textiles, each produced well above the federal specification requirements. We offer extraordinary options for those who want the most luxurious looks and for those who are budget-minded, yet fashionable.


Contract Coverings

  • Fabric-backed vinyl is the most common choice for contract commercial wallcoverings jobs. Woven or non-woven substrates may be used, each laminated to the embellished front.
  • Vinyl-coated paper is coated with acrylic vinyl atop the decorated front.
  • Type I category is of a lightweight commercial grade. This is ideal for those with a budget in mind.
  • Type II category is of a sturdier grade and is more resistant to cracks and tears. This is our most popular grade for commercial coverage.
  • Type III category is intended for areas of incredibly high traffic. With resistance against cold-weather cracking and environmental cracking, type III is ideal for areas with a lot of moveable, heavy equipment, like hospitals.

We also offer specialty wallcoverings, which are, in most cases, highly decorated and functional. If a greater need for durability is needed, many of our vinyl coverings offer a similar look. Depending upon individual needs, there are many specialty options available.

  • Acoustical is optimal for offices, auditoriums, and restaurants
  • Cork is mildew and rot-resistant with some sound resistance
  • Grass cloth is naturally dyed fibers gathered from renewable grass and plants
  • Linen is the strongest natural fiber
  • Non-woven is a combination of wood pulp and polyester
  • Organics are made from recycled paper, such as newspapers and magazines
  • Paper weave gives off more color than any of the other natural fibers
  • Silks provide extravagant, vibrant colors
  • Wood veneer is created by elements of over 200 species of trees
  • Writable/dry erase is used for presentation purposes and also comes in a peel and stick variety

For all of your wallcovering needs, let Wolf-Gordon take the hassle out of your busy life. With every commercial need, we provide quality service and offer one of the largest selections of textiles in the market.

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