An AC Contractor in Colorado Springs Keeps People Cool During Heat Waves

Colorado Springs reached a record temperature for the date of March 16 in 2015, at a high of 80 degrees. This likely led to disputes among area residents about whether the weather was a sign of global warming, and also may have led to some residents turning on their central air. It also probably convinced some area residents to call an AC Contractor in Colorado Springs and get that appliance installed before summer truly arrived. Whether or not climate change actually is occurring and whether it’s making Colorado warmer may be up for debate, but people who don’t like hot weather rely on central air for a comfortable home. The previous record for that date was set in 2012, at a mere 75 degrees.

A room air conditioner simply cannot keep an average-sized house cool, although it can do an excellent job of cooling a main living area or a large bedroom. Central air has the distinct advantage of sending cool air through all the vents in the home. That air then reaches every room and every story of the house. Nobody has to resort to sleeping on the living room couch because an upstairs bedroom is unbearably hot. With the assistance of an AC Contractor in Colorado Springs, everybody in the house enjoys the cool air no matter where they happen to be.

If the majority of climatologists are right, people in the United States can expect summers to be hotter in the future. That may mean an average summer temperature that’s a couple of degrees higher than it used to be. It may mean a larger number of heat waves and more consecutive days with the hot weather. Hiring an AC Contractor in Colorado Springs to install central air ensures that people in the household don’t have to deal with that weather when they are indoors. A service such as Parkeys Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to do that installation, even if a homeowner needs to wait until the middle of summer. Everyone in the house will be grateful when they sense the cool air wafting up from the vents.

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