An AC Repair Service in Knoxville Needs To Be Experienced and Reliable

Nothing can be more frustrating than an air conditioning system that breaks down at a truly inconvenient time. Whether you have important visitors at your front door or are facing a long stretch of hot and humid weather with no cooling power, you want your air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfortable. There are some steps you can take to maintain your AC system so that it is less likely to stop working properly at the wrong time. However, you will eventually need to contact an AC Repair Service in Knoxville. Rocky Top Air can send a technician to your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some of the more frequent reasons an air conditioner unit will need repair service is improper operation of the system. The air conditioner shouldn’t have to work unusually hard to keep your home cool and dry, which it must do if hot air and humidity are allowed in through cracks and leaks around windows and doors. Other maintenance issues that can lead to costly repairs include refrigerant leaks, problems in the thermostat sensors or worn-out compressor or fan controls. A qualified professional from Rocky Top Air can diagnose the problem that has arisen in your air conditioning unit and suggest the most cost-effective repair.

Training is an essential part of an air conditioning technician’s expertise. Initial training necessary to become an air conditioner technician ideally should be followed up by continuing education through certification programs. Non-profit certification organizations such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence) offer continuing education while specific air conditioning manufacturers like Trane certify dealers in recognition of their excellence in service and customer satisfaction. Rocky Top Air is certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist, which signifies the technicians’ superior training in the latest installation and repair techniques.

The relationship you develop with the technicians at an AC Repair Service in Knoxville can be just as important to you as the quality of the service you receive. A number of Rocky Top Air’s technicians have worked with the same families for years in dealing with problems arising from a number of different air conditioning units. You need to know that your air conditioning technician is reliable and trustworthy. When you work with Rocky Top Air, you’ll have that assurance.


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