Different Ways to Use Brick Veneers

One of the great things about Brick Veneers is that they provide the look or brick without the weight or the expense. This makes them an excellent choice in more than one setting. Here are some examples of how to put the veneers to good use around the house.

Changing the Look of the House

Many homeowners use Brick Veneers as a way to change the look of the exterior walls. The material is easy to adhere to many types of surfaces, including clap-board and similar surfaces. Since the veneers can be applied quickly, it is possible to transform the look of the home in a matter of days. Best of all, the lighter weight will not add a lot of stress to the home frame.

Creating an Accent Wall

Bring the veneers inside and use them to change the look of a room. Consider what the living room would look like if the veneers are used to create an accent wall. Along with adding another texture to the space, the wall becomes the ideal backdrop for artwork or other elements that the homeowner wants to spotlight. Choose a colour for the veneer that works well with the other main elements in the room, and everything will come together nicely.

Below a Chair Rail

Some people like the idea of using wallpaper below a chair rail. Do something a little out of the ordinary and use veneers instead. Doing so will give the room more visual appeal without placing a lot of restrictions on the colours used for the window treatment and other elements of the space.

In the Kitchen

Consider the idea of using the veneers over the countertops and as a back-splash for the range. This will add a rustic element to the space and also be easier to clean than some of the other options on the market.

For homeowners who would like to discuss more options for using veneers, visit us and arrange to speak with a professional today. It will not take long to identify several areas around the house that would benefit from adding this element to the space.

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