Dumpster Rental in NJ – Various Types

Dumpster rental in NJ has different categories, which are designed keeping in mind the two things including nature of the junk, and container size. A further division is made according to the service provided, which can be for few days, or can be permanent. Various needs also determine the size, which can be small, medium, large including, open, or a closed container having a lid.

Dumpster required temporarily

It is provided after considering customers’ requirements depending on the trash, which can include paper junk, liquid waste, and construction trash etc. Most of the time temporary dumpsters are designed for mixed waste type.

The second type of waste, which needs temporary containers includes, green garbage like garden waste and organic junk. Such stuff plays an important role in recycling products, which are used like mulch. So it’s finally taken to a concerned department, so that it could be managed properly.

Another dumpster rental is required for construction waste in NJ, which is also called defoliation junk. It includes sheetrock, wood waste; bricks, concrete and stone waste etc, besides sometimes small broken pieces of pipes are also included. Brick pieces should be put in small dumpster having a size of 20 to 30 yard. Whereas, sometimes a recycling waste becomes more, so it needs a large container for metal pieces or paper waste etc. Management of all such waste is very important, as otherwise it will remain a waste. All such dumpsters are taken on rent for a certain time period, and once the objective is gained they are returned back to the company.

Dumpsters provided on permanent basis

They include mostly larger containers than the temporary type, and can range from 2 yard up to 30 yards, moreover compactors are used. They are designed for either weekly or daily collection depending on the area, and nature of waste, like food stuff or liquid type waste should be emptied on daily basis. Such dumpsters are very common, and can be seen around business areas, or near entertainment parks etc. they are also located in residential apartments, where a truck comes weekly to collect the garbage. Whereas, in some areas daily service is needed, moreover dumpsters having small containers are sometimes portable, so that they can be taken out to clean, and this mostly happens in small dumpsters. They can be either costly, or cheap depending on the manufacturing.

Similarly, large dumpster rentals are also available in NJ, which can be seen outside a shopping mall, and they are made of metal. Such containers are closed from all the sides, so that the environment does not get polluted. Large types can also range up to 40 yards, and most of such dumpsters are roll off type, which are seen around a construction area, besides they are cheaper than other types. They are a best option for the truck service, making it easier for the labor. So the kind of the dumpster is determined either by the company, or the customer.

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