Five Maintenance Tasks to Consider Before Moving into a New Home

If you are about to move into a new home there are some common maintenance tasks you will think to cover such as a thorough cleaning of all the rooms and appliances. However there are five maintenance tasks that are often overlooked yet will make sure your home is move in ready so your family can settle in without worries. Here are five tasks you might want to consider before moving day:

Duct Cleaning: A thorough Duct Cleaning Cambridge homeowners arrange will ensure that you clear your air ducts of any contaminants that might be trapped. This is especially important in homes that have undergone recent renovations as it is very common for a build up of drywall dust and other contaminants to be left behind.

HVAC Maintenance: Arranging for an HVAC maintenance call is also a good idea. They can check that everything is in working order, replace air filters and take care of things such as coils and pans so that your furnace and air conditioner are ready to face the weather and keep your family comfortable whether it is winter or summer.

Carpet Cleaning: A professional carpet cleaning will offer a nice clean slate so you feel more comfortable knowing that your flooring is sanitized and free of stains and dust mites. Your children and pets can then lie and play safely on the floor without the worry of past dirt and soiling affecting them.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Having a professional steam cleaning in your kitchen and bath will remove any build ups of mold, mildew, grease and bacteria. This will allow you to have a nice sanitized home with clean surfaces that will be free of bacteria, germs and unsightly dirt.

Painting: A fresh coat of paint throughout the entire home will offer a nice clean look to every room. You can choose a neutral color throughout it you are uncertain of your design scheme, or choose the colors you would like to match your d├ęcor plans. A fresh coat of paint will actually help reduce odors from the previous owners including residue left behind from cigarette smoke. Using low VOC paint will also offer an environment free of toxins for your family.

These five tasks will have your home free of contaminants and provide a clean home that is move in ready.

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