Flat Roofs Are a Good Idea for Residential Roof Installation in Honolulu

Choosing the best kind of roof for a new structure in Hawaii or replacing an existing roof, whether it’s for a home or a commercial building, takes some planning. Traditional slanted roofs are common in the state, but Hawaii does have the highest number of flat roofs per capita, according to statistics. There are some pros and cons to each type of roof, which homeowners and business owners need to consider before making a final decision. A company experienced in residential roof installation in Honolulu can provide valuable help in making that decision.

Slanted roofs, which are seen quite often in the state, are more frequently chosen for homes or businesses in colder climates however because of their performance under winter-type conditions. Because of their pitch, slanted roofs shed rain, snow or ice more easily than flat roofs. The slanted roofs themselves typically have a longer lifespan than flat roofs and will hold up to wear for up to 50 years, although the individual asphalt shingles generally last between 15 and 30 years. Shingles can be replaced as needed, however, without having to completely replace the roof.

Flat roofs on the other hand are very popular in Hawaii for several reasons. They don’t have to hold up under snow or ice and typically don’t have to stand up to heavy amounts of rain as roofs do in other areas. Builders and owners alike appreciate the face that flat roofs offer the opportunity to increase the square footage of a home or business without expanding its overall footprint. Many homeowners make use of the extra living area a flat roof provides and by adding a rooftop garden or seating area. Homeowners who want to install solar panels find it much easier to have them installed on flat roofs. The common but trying problem of moss growing on roofs in Hawaii can be eliminated by using special waterproof membranes on flat roofs.

David’s Custom Roofing has offered Residential Roof Installation in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii for nearly 40 years. The company designs and builds roofs to a homeowner’s specifications and has won awards in the state for its work. David’s Custom Roofing stands behind every job the company completes. Interested homeowners who need a residential roof installation can contact Davidsroofinghi.com.

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