Foam Roofing Insulation in Oklahoma City

A quality product that remains economical can provide the solution to your commercial roofing needs. Foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City is generally referred to as SPF for spray foam roofing. For commercial flat roofs it provides a watertight and durable covering that tightly bonds to any type of roof material that has undergone the proper preparation process. A PUF or polyurethane foam is combined by a rig that mixes two liquid foam substances to form one smooth coating of foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City. This bond is so lightweight, for every square foot it weighs approximately 8 ounces so it puts no significant added weight for your roof to bear, so you need never be concerned with additional structural load capacity.

Foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City incorporates polyurethane foam roofing that is durable while being economical. It provides the best in energy efficiency and is completely waterproof. One of the largest advantages over the standard built-up roofing which is referred to as BUR, or EPDM rubber roofing or even white single plys are that the foam roofing is seamless and that is the largest source of roof leaks in the other roofing systems. In the traditional BUR or single-ply roofs the water will travel along the roofs surface laterally but in SPF roofs this doesn’t happen. As laterally moving water spreads and will seep in and saturate the insulation which leads to many interior roof leaks. Foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City truly is a high performance roofing system that will provide a few decades of continued protection from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at her. In fact even if a hole is punched through the roof surface the water will not travel around it, instead the water movement will be restricted to the hole itself, which can most likely be fixed with a tube of caulk.

Foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City is so lightweight and adheres so completely that it seldom requires that the old roof surface be torn off, saving considerable time, money and mess. In case of finding previously saturated roofing insulation than in that section can be done with minimal tear off. And since you are eliminating the tear off process the commercial roofing project takes far less time. During the process the application is quiet, faster and requires fewer laborers. With BUR and single-ply roofs one must apply messy flashing and sealants which often leak but with foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City roof mounted units, penetrations, parapets and curbs can all receive the spray application of the seamless monolithic SPF.

Spray foam roofing insulation in Oklahoma City saves a commercial building owner in just the intimal tear off fees of $.65 cents per square foot, and the benefits of the materials keep paying off for years to come.


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