Game Courts and Parking Lot Seal Coating Rhode Island

Road asphalt gets worn down from the constant weight and wear and tear from cars. However, parking lot asphalt pavement doesn’t wear out from cars coming and going. Instead, parking lot pavement gets worn and eroded from the sun; the sun’s heat evaporates the oils that hold the asphalt together, and this dries it out. That is when cracks and chips form. The other two enemies of asphalt are moisture from rain and snow and automobile fluids like dripping oil, gasoline, engine coolant, and de-icing fluid that drips down onto the pavement. Parking Lot Seal Coating Rhode Island protects the pavement from gasoline and engine oil and other automobile fluids, as well as place a barrier against the sun, snow, and rain.

Sealed asphalt remains a nice shade of black. However, when unsealed asphalt is exposed to the weather, it oxidizes and turns light gray. Whereas sealed asphalt retains its smooth surface, oxidized asphalt wears, becomes cracked and dry, and has a chipped and uneven appearance. Parking Lot Seal Coating Rhode Island pays for itself; repairing and replacing a damaged asphalt parking lot costs more than the seal coating that would have protected it.

Seal coating is one aspect of MA Pavement Maintenance, which also includes sealing cracks, patching cracks, and marking lines. Sealing the cracks in asphalt is the most important thing you can do to preserve it because it prevents water from reaching down into the sub base of the asphalt. Eventually, the asphalt will require patching. Asphalt service companies also do line marking, such as indicating parking lot spaces, no-parking areas, marking crosswalks, and the like.

A pavement maintenance service also creates the specialized types of surfaces needed for sporting surfaces, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and skate parks. For basketball courts and tennis courts, they can repair cracks, apply color coatings, cushioned surface coatings either made of DecoTurf or made of a rubber and resin mix that reduce fatigue, mark lines where the old ones have faded, fix cracks, even out low areas, remove algae, and more. For playgrounds, they can apply the same resurfacing treatments, including cushioned surfaces, and create marked areas for inline skating, games of hopscotch, as well as do pressure washing.

Asphalt Seal Coating Asphalt Seal Coating

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