Get A Franklin Commercial Roofer To Repair And Replace Your Roof

Having a sturdy roof on your commercial building provides a first line of defense against elements such as moisture, wind, and destructive UV light. However, a roof is one component of a building that is often overlooked because it is out of sight; wear and tear isn’t likely to be addressed in time as it should be. A Franklin Commercial Roofer would help inspect and offer long lasting solutions to your roofing problems.

Warning signs that your roof needs repair

While some roof defects may easily be seen, others remain hidden and not easily detected. Here are some warning signs of a defective roofing structure you should look out for:

*     If you discover leaks in the attic, this is a sure sign that there are leakage problems in your roofing structure, occurring from a problem with the flashing or poor shingle underlayment.

*     If you find that your roof shingles are in disarray with problems such as curling, it could mean they have reached their lifespan. Shingles at this stage will look dirty having lost their granules, another sign of aging.

*     A blistering paint or staining on your roofing structure is indicative that you need to replace the roof. It won’t require you to climb up the attic or roof to see such defects; simply take a walk around the perimeter of the building. You will spot areas with excess cracking right on the exterior of a painted roof. Excess moisture trapped in attic spaces could contribute to such problems.

How repairing and replacing your roof will save you money

Commercial property owners should take a bold decision to repair and replace their roofs at the right time. Roofs that are in bad condition will contribute to increased energy bills. A blistering paint on your roof may cause issues with ventilation and proper air circulation. Moreover, hot air may be trapped inside, making you run your HVAC equipment longer to cool down the rooms. In times of winter, the same problems will create cold drafts in the building causing your heating bills to plummet.

A timely repair or replacement of a roof by a Franklin Commercial Roofer will minimize further damage of your building by rain, wind, ice, fire, snow, hail, and extreme heat. For more information on commercial roofing repair and replacement solutions, visit us.

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