House Leveling in Tallahassee- What You Need to Know

Tallahassee is a gorgeous city and also the capital of the State of Florida. It is one of the largest centers of trade and agriculture within the state and is one of the most frequently visited cities by tourists as well. Needless to say, owning a property in Tallahassee can be extremely rewarding. However, owning a piece of land comes with its fair share of worries as well.

In Tallahassee, one of the biggest problems that house owners face is that of sinkhole damage. Many studies have shown that the land under Tallahassee contains soluble bedrock, which can lead to sinkholes forming underneath houses unless the foundation is strong. That is why there are so many contractors that offer services related to house leveling in Tallahassee. It is a major problem. If you think that your house is sinking ever so slightly, it might be a wise idea to call in a leveling expert.

What Does a Leveling Expert Do?

The job of a house leveling expert is to first analyze the amount of damage that has been done by the sinkhole. The expert will carefully review how deep the house has sunk, as well as determine the damage to the foundation. The number one reason why houses tend to sink in the ground is due to a poorly constructed foundation. Unless the foundation is properly reinforced, there’s a chance of it sinking with the passage of time.
The first thing that a house leveling expert will do is to prevent the house from sinking. There are many ways to do this. The leveling expert might use concrete in order to reinforce the foundation. They may also use helical piers or screw piers in order to fix the house in its original place. In case the damage is too extensive, the house leveling expert ay also bring in push piers in order to lift the house and put it back on its original place.

How to Hire an Expert

As you can guess by now, hiring a leveling expert comes with a lot of responsibilities. You want a permanent fix for your foundation. You don’t want another sinkhole damaging your house after every few years. That is why you need the services of a professional leveling expert who has lots of experience in the field.

One of the best foundation contractors in Tallahassee is Ram Jacks. You can contact us in order to set up a meeting and a free assessment of your property. We will provide you with a free estimate regarding the damage to your property as well as the costs of repair. This will make it easy for you to decide whether you wish to continue with the repair work or not.


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