How do you kill ticks in your house?

Ticks spread serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Because ticks can be a problem in New Jersey, you need to know how to kill ticks in your house before they bite you and pester your pets. Here are some tips for tick control in your house.

1. Take care of your pets. Many households with pets will have tick problems because ticks burrow into your pet’s fur. If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, try to control their roaming area or limit the time they spend outside. You can spray some outdoor spaces with substances that deter ticks, but ideally you can keep your pet inside as often as possible. If your pets end up with ticks, don’t worry, there are several things you can do. One thing you can do for tick control in your New Jersey house is purchase one of the many anti-tick shampoos or sprays on the market. Call your local tick control expert like Viking Pest Control for some advise on the brands that might work best for your pet. Another thing you can do to kill ticks in your house is to actively pick the creatures off your pet using tweezers, or take your pet to the vet for specialized care.

2. Clean the target areas. One of the best things you can do for tick control in your house is to clean your house thoroughly. You may need to wash all sheets and upholstery, especially those your pet likes to sit or sleep on regularly. If possible, clean everything in your house thoroughly to kill ticks. You cannot be too careful because ticks are small and can leave their larvae almost anywhere. Remember to vacuum thoroughly, even if you have floors, and to dispose of that vacuum bag immediately!

3. Prevention. The best tick control is prevention. There are collars and special shampoos you can buy for your pets to prevent ticks, but it is also a good idea to limit your pet’s outdoor time. When ticks are particularly bad in New Jersey, make sure you wear bug repellant to prevent ticks from re-entering your home.

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