How Natural Disasters Affect Home Damage Restoration in Tallahassee

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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The quality of your home is not always in your control. Sometimes, there are natural disasters that cause large amounts of damage to your foundation. Nowadays, you can restore a house to its original state by investing in home damage restoration. Learn about the types of natural occurrences that lead to the need for restoration.


Millions of dollars in damages are caused by hurricanes that hit the coast. Strong hurricane winds are known to exceed 100mph and hurl large objects through the air, including homes. It is possible for these winds to rip houses out of the ground and upheave foundations.

Today’s weather forecasting technology gives humans the opportunity to forecast the worst storms. Whether the disaster is a hurricane, volcanic eruption or thunderstorm, it is possible to detect its approach. You and other homeowners are warned well ahead of time and allowed to retreat to safety.

However, your home is not so fortunate. You cannot take the house with you to safety, so you have to watch as the hurricane rips through it.

In addition, a tornado has the power to uproot trees and overturn houses. The strong downward spiral of winds could split open the ground, making the disaster look more like an earthquake. At the end of the storm, you are left with an unevenly leveled home and an uncertain future.


Damage caused by excessive moisture is immense in any home. Flooding is a natural occurrence that affects many homeowners worldwide. After a few minutes of heavy raining, they could go from standing on dry ground to standing in several inches of water.

In large volumes, water is a strong force that seeps into every crack and hole. It saturates the carpets to the point where you cannot get the water out alone. Most calls for home damage restoration involve water damage on the floors and walls.

Water saturates the soil, which causes the house foundation to heave upward. You need a professional to fix the foundation and reduce its uneven appearance.


A drought is a major change in the weather that causes dryness in the soil and air. If your home sits on land that constantly gets dry, its stability could be affected in the long run. Dry soil shrinks and cracks, which also cracks your foundation and the floor where you walk.

If the home is affected by any natural or manmade disaster, you cannot give up. Find restorative services that are designed to fix foundations that have cracked, settled or heaved. The moment you see a long, deep crack in the floor, know that it is a matter of time before it gets worse. Do not wait until it is too late before you contact providers of home damage restoration in Tallahassee. Browse our website to see how our services will help you.

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