How to Put a Bathroom Supply in Bergen County NJ Store to Good Use with Just Black and White

One of the most manageable ways to manage a small bathroom space is to deploy colors. Colors can have an impressive impact on the perception of space. It is not so much the use of dark colors or white colors that can have an impact. It is the dual-combination of black and white. It is the comparative extremes of using both black and white to create the effect of more distance in any room.

Black Against White

The general rule of thumb is that light colors will make a room appear bigger. This is only half the story. Yes, light colors will generally absorb less light, allowing the light to basically bounce and reflect in the room. The reflection of the light draws in a softer tone to the room. This, by extension, makes it visually appear a little bigger.

But, a big bright room may not be practical for a bathroom, especially one lacking any easy natural light. Designers harness the power of extreme opposites on a spectrum. A strategy in decorating a bathroom to make it seem bigger is to have dark colors matched with light colors. For example, a homeowner may have a dark shelf from a Bathroom Supply in Bergen County NJ store. The dark tone may seem counter-intuitive. But, it is matched with light towels.

How to Add Color Differences

Bright white towels can sit on the shelf. A large mirror, with a white frame, can appear over the actual shelving unit. So, what may seem like a one-dimensional addition of a dark color is actually matched with light colors. The result is a disparity that opens up space, offers more color extremes, and allows the walls to recede.

Adding an item from a Bathroom Supply in Bergen County NJ supplier could make a huge difference. What color currently dominates the bathroom? Add a supply store item that is the opposite and makes sure there is reasonable room for it. Do not overstuff the space because that it is the one thing that will immediately make it appear a whole lot smaller. Visit the website for more on bathroom supplies at wholesale prices.

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