Keep Any Size Yard Bug Free With Professional Lawn Pest Control Services In Wellington Florida

When summertime arrives most people enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, but bugs often make any time outside a frustrating and unbearable experience that sends people inside. Lotions and other sprays may help reduce this discomfort, but the oily feeling they leave behind is not only unpleasant, but most contain harmful chemicals that should not be used on children. An extermination company that offers Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida will use a variety of tactics to keep a yard pest free and comfortable all season long.


Mosquitoes are one of the most well-known summertime pests, and they leave behind a bite that produces swelling, itching, and a burning sensation. Getting rid of these frustrating bugs isn’t easy, and there are few ways to combat the discomfort their bites leave behind. A company that offers Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida will use a specially designed chemical that will kill off any eggs in an area, which will stop the life cycle in its tracks and reduce the number of mosquitoes in a yard by as much as 90 percent.


Ticks are not only annoying, but they carry dangerous bacteria and Lyme disease, which gives many people caution when outside. There are a plethora of ways to keep pets free from ticks, but humans are still fair game. Let a professional inspect a yard and determine the best way to treat it to kill them before they have a chance to bite, and prevent them from coming back year after year.

Carpenter Bees

One of the scariest looking insects that pack a sting is a carpenter bee. Only the female is capable of stinging, but their sting isn’t what makes them an unwanted pest. If left unchecked, a colony of carpenter bees will drill into wood structures to create a nest, leaving the wood exposed to the elements and creating an unsightly collection of holes on the exterior of a home.

Don’t let bugs keep a family from enjoying the beautiful weather of summertime. The experts at Above & Beyond Pest Control provide a vast array of services that will keep the inside and outside of any size house critter free. Call today to learn more and tackle any pest issues once and for all.

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