Landscaping Jobs that Require Excavation

Landscaping isn’t always planting flowers and trees to make your yard look good. Some landscaping projects require the use of heavy equipment in order to properly build the features you need in your yard. If you desire water features, a new patio, flower or vegetable garden walls that surround your property, or even the construction of a basement onto your home, you will need to use the process of excavation. Ottawa homeowners can rent the equipment needed for a large landscaping project, or hire a company that specialises in big landscaping projects.

Patios and Patio Features

A huge part of landscaping your backyard so that it’s more like a retreat and not just a patch of land is to build a relaxing patio area. If your home needs leveling in order to put in a patio, a heavy equipment operator can easily dig out the surrounding area, demolish any areas that need to be broken down, like the back steps, place the fill, and pour the concrete.

Once you have the patio poured, you can have a landscaper create a fire pit area so that you can sit outside during colder temperatures. Many homeowners prefer a fire pit surrounded by brick because it makes a nice visual impact and allows for a large seating area around the fire. With both a patio and a fire pit area, you will have ample seating for guests. Typical excavation in Ottawa can take a couple of days depending on the size of the project, so plan to start your landscape remodel a few months before you want to use your new patio and fire pit.

Backyard Water Features

If you want to build a pool or pond in your backyard, you will need excavation. Ottawa homeowners often rely on above ground pools because the climate doesn’t allow for year-round swimming, but there are benefits to building an in-ground swimming pool. With the right heavy equipment, you can have the area for a pool dug out in about a week.

Water ponds are popular landscaping features because you can purchase a variety of water flowers and plants for display, and build a relaxing area around the pond. Experienced landscapers can not only dig out the area for a pool, but also help you choose the best features, such as lights, water fountains or falls, and plants. If you want to tackle your own landscaping projects, you can rent the equipment you need, although you will need a licensed operator.

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