Oklahoma: A State with Many Mansions

Oklahoma is a state where stately mansions and well-built homes are a common feature. In this state builders are able to provide you with the residence, commercial structure or office building you want. In the present the custom builders of Oklahoma have pulled through for all their clients. Even in the past, custom builders created long lasting and unique places. If you have any doubts, just visit any of the state’s several interesting old homes.

Villa Philbrook

The Villa Philbrook, designed by Edward Buehler Delk in 1926 was the former home of a local oilman and his wife – Waite and Genevieve Philips. They donated it to Tulsa in 1938. It is now home to the Philbrook Museum of Art. The building is in Tulsa, Oklahoma constructed in a pseudo-Italian Renaissance style features 72 rooms. Is interior steel framework is abetted by reinforced concrete walls. In typical Renaissance style, the ceilings are alive with colorful works of art.

Inside the structure, you can view examples of artwork from around the globe. The American collection covers the period from the 18th to the 21st century. If you find the place overwhelming, wander through the gardens or visit the on-site glass-walled restaurant.

Woolaroc Ranch

Bartlesville is where you find the Woolaroc Ranch, former home to oilman Frank and his wife Jane Phillips. What began as a simple log structure in 1925 grew over the years into a custom built two story lodge featuring 8 bedrooms. The style is rustic. The interior features the horns and heads of various animals that either died of natural causes or were gifts from friends.

For custom builders, this home represents the vision of an American settler. From humble beginnings, it became a fashionable lodge. Its interior, done in typical Lodge style, saw the famous and the not-so-famous as guests. Overlooking Lake Clyde, this home, now a showpiece, works in conjunction with a museum. The Museum contains priceless artifacts and artwork from Native and White cultures. Surrounding the ranch are 3,700 acres comprising a Wildlife preserve.

The Marland Mansion

Ponca City is home to the Marland Mansion. This “Palace on the Prairie” was once the home to E.W. Marland, an oilman and the state’s 10th governor. Built between 1925 and 1928, Marland ensured custom builders and sculptors understand his specific desire to recreate a Florentine style Italianate dwelling. Completed the building consisted of 4 levels and 55 rooms – all ornately and lavishly designed with painted ceilings.

Overholser Mansion

A Victorian mansion proudly sits in the Heritage Hills Historical Preservation District of Oklahoma City. Built by the financier Henry Overholser in 1903, its interior contains more than just remnants of its past. The entire house looks much as it did when the Overholser family were in residence. Even the little boy’s toys are authentic.

The State of Oklahoma has many mansions. These are but a few of those. Custom builders of Oklahoma even today strive to provide their wealthy and hard working clients what they want. It is up to the current custom builders and designers to continue on providing the state with memorable buildings that still serve the various purposes of life.



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