Preventing Common Problems with Exterior Paint

When painting a surface that will remain outdoors, there are numerous concerns that should be addressed. These concerns are not the same as those observed when preparing for an indoor paint job. Knowing how these tasks are different and how to get your home ready for a proper paint job is what makes exterior painters in Fort Worth qualified to give area homeowners the home makeover they need.

Common Problems Seen in Outdoor Paint

Alliance Painting of the Fort Worth, TX area advises taking the many unique concerns that outdoor paint faces into account before purchasing paint and hiring a professional painting company. While they offer paint services, they also offer consultation, helping customers understand what the paint they choose will be up against when facing the elements over the years.

Some of the most common issues observed by exterior painters in Fort Worth include:

*     Textural issues, such as “alligatoring”, “checking” or blistering of the paint. This may be caused by improper application of paint, direct exposure to severe elements over time or natural byproducts of aging.

*     Developments such as a chalky buildup or efflorescence, caused by elements reacting chemically with the paint.

*     Mildew, peeling paint or rust, caused by moisture exposure.

*     Sagging, running or drooping, caused by improper application and drying of paint.

How to Address these Problems

The most important step in addressing these issues is to prevent them by hiring professionals to help you choose and apply paint to your outdoor surfaces. Painting contractors understand how to sidestep common problems and give you the gorgeous, lasting finish you want. For more information about the difference in exterior painting and interior jobs, contact your local painting contractor, and let them give you an estimate on just how much it will cost to give your home an enduringly beautiful new look.

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