Quality Rug Cleaning Services in Little Rock, AR

Rugs can be a lovely way to accent your home or your business. They can help to reduce wear and tear on your carpet in high traffic areas. They can also help you to protect your hardwood flooring from scuffs and scratches. However, these rugs need attention to keep them looking amazing. You can’t just toss them into your washing machine, as that can cause damages to the fibers and the backing.

Instead, you need a professional who can clean them and help make them look as good as new. Don’t trust your rug cleaning services in Little Rock, AR to just anyone. Find out about the techniques and tools they will use to preserve the value and extend the life of your rugs. The methods they use should depend on the materials your rugs are made from.

Removing Stains

Don’t toss out a rug you love because it has a stain on it. This can be anything from a pet urinating on it to someone in your home spilling a drink on it. You may have exhausted your efforts to remove the stain, but it still won’t come out. You don’t have the expertise or the commercial strength products that are offered by rug cleaning services. In fact, you shouldn’t use any type of chemicals on rugs; instead, take it immediately to a professional to examine and take care of.

Cleaning Process

Ask about the specific cleaning process that will be used for your rugs. They can vary depending on the provider of the rug cleaning services. Many of them use hand cleaning methods only using soft water. Your rugs won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals or equipment, as those entities can damage the rugs. Instead, they will be treated gently, but they will still be cleaned well for you.

Before the deep cleaning begins, a process will be done that will remove any dirt or debris from the rugs. You may not believe how much of it can get trapped down in there where you can’t see it. Don’t worry; with professional rug cleaning services, they will be able to remove such debris. This will also remove dander, pet hair, and allergens which may have been trapped in your rugs for some time. Once they have been cleaned, they will be rinsed with soft water.


Care also needs to be taken when drying rugs so they aren’t damaged. You don’t want the fibers to be fuzzy or weakened. Mild air should be used, which will dry the rug but also help to bring new life to the fibers. You may get your rugs back looking much better than they have in a very long time! The provider should take the time to carefully inspect the rugs before you pick them up. It is a good idea for you to look at them, too, so you can make sure you are happy with the outcome before you pay for the services. If you have any concerns, make sure you address them before you leave the business.

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