Selecting Washroom Accessories in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you are talking about a residential home or a public business, chances are you have a washroom. This is often one of the most used rooms in a given building! As such, you definitely want to be certain that it’s appropriately appointed and stocked with the correct accessories. Many of the most basic products seem obvious, but may be different based on whether it’s a private home or a business.

In the case of a home, you may want to use more style when you choose your washroom accessories, and you’ll want things like soap holders, towel racks, toilet paper covers, a place for a toilet brush and/or plunger. You may also need shelving or cabinets to store products and supplies in.

When it comes to businesses or other public washrooms, your needs may be a little more basic. But still, you want to be sure you have things like soap holders or dispensers; paper towel holders, dispensers, or hand dryers; toilet paper holders; waste bins; grab bars; and possibly storage or shelves. While the accessories themselves may be more industrial, you still want them to be attractive, even as you want them to stand up to potentially near-constant use.

One concern when choosing the correct supplies and accessories is hygiene. In any washroom, that’s a primary consideration. Having accessories that are easily cleaned and help to keep the room itself clean are a good idea. Even if your bathroom isn’t used by many people every day, cleanliness is still important. Liquid soap dispensers are a popular and hygienic choice for both private and public washrooms. They’re much easier and cleaner to use than bar soap. Most dispensers of this type are manual pumps, but there are automatic ones that function by motion sensing that are available as well, which are even cleaner, as there’s no need to touch the dispenser itself.

For hand drying, most residences use washable cloth towels. Business washrooms tend to have paper towel dispensers or dryers that use heated air. Either way, you want the appropriate accessories; a towel bar or ring for a hand towel, or an appropriate dispenser, holder, or dryer. Once again, automatic dryers or dispensers will be the cleanest, as there’s no need to touch buttons or anything. Air dryers will also cut down dramatically on trash, as there won’t be a buildup of used paper towels in the trash.

Other accessories to be considered are things like trash cans, grab bars for handicap accessibility, appropriate partitions between toilet stalls (if necessary,) holders for toilet paper, or cabinets to hold cleaning supplies or supplies like spare toilet paper and paper towels.

It’s often best to be sure you balance attractiveness, convenience, and cleanliness. Finding the right supplier for you washroom supplies can help you do so!

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