The 3 Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

Kitchen countertops can be such an expensive affair. Especially if you want it to look halfway decent, you’re looking at a minimum of few hundred dollars, including installation. So it only makes sense to be absolutely sure on the type of countertop you want before you actually spend all that money. But what to choose? Well, this article narrows it down to 3 high quality materials for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking for kitchen countertops in Manhattan area, here are the 3 materials that this article recommends the highest.

#1. Quartz countertops

These damage/acid/stain resistant, non-porous, low maintenance countertops are highly popular among the consumer market for the very reasons just listed. A simple wipe down will get rid of almost any stain made on their surface and being non-porous removes the need for spending more money on sealant like you would for other materials. If you can afford it, there’s no reason to not get a beautiful quartz countertop.

#2. Polished granite

But if you want the most popular material among homeowners today, look no further than polished granite. Not only is this material aesthetically on several levels, it’s also highly durable, smooth as butter to make meal prep a breeze and is completely resistant to stains. The main drawback is that lining up several slabs for a particularly long table can be tricky. Granite is a naturally formed rock, with all the varying patterns that moniker implies. As such, finding two slabs that sync up in a satisfying way can be daunting if you’re unlucky enough. However, if that isn’t an issue for you, then this material is a great choice, and will surely bring out the beauty in your kitchen.

#3. Wood

No school like the old school, as they say, and you can’t get much more rustic than a good old-fashioned wood countertop. Although, recent years have seen a more modern spin with the wooden materials. Thoroughly sealed to make them completely sanitary, polished down to a smooth surface, and completely heat resistant, even to fresh-off-the-stovetop pots, wood has lasted as a countertop material for as long as it has for a very good reason. If what you’re looking for is a warm, cottage type atmosphere for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong.

These three countertop materials are each ideal in their own way for the perfect kitchen countertop, so it really comes down to personal preference which one you want. And all three of these countertops and many more can be found at Italian Tile NYC.

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