Things to ask a basement waterproofing contractor

If you have a problem with water entering through the foundations and getting into the basement then you will obviously need to interview a few basement waterproofing contractors in Newark NJ in an effort to obtain estimates on the cost of repairs. It is prudent to ask for multiple estimates for any major work that you are planning to have done around your home, this is especially true when you are looking for basement waterproofing work as there are many different approaches that can be taken to solve the problem and a number of waterproofing systems available.

To ensure that you end up hiring the hiring the best basement waterproofing contractor there are a number of important issues that you need to delve into and clarify before you hire a company to do the work.

Company details: You need to be sure that the company you choose is licensed and fully insured including workers comp. These are common expectations whenever you deal with a contractor but can be even more important when you are dealing with basement waterproofing as it may be necessary for the contractor to get a building permit if the problem is structural in nature.

Years in Business: The longer a company has been in business is a good indication of their experiences and the quality of the work they perform. At the same time find out how long they have been using the process that they are suggesting as the solution for your problem.

Ask for references: Basement waterproofing contractors in Newark NJ that are proud of what they do and have a long history of doing good work will not have any problems in providing you with the names of pat customers that you can call. With this type of work it is always best to call people who had the work done some time ago as the problem can be solved, but for how long?

Check the solution they suggest: Find out what materials and systems they propose to use to solve your problem. You may not be in a position to do the work but take the time needed to find out if the solution proposed makes sense or not. There are multiple sites on the internet that give unbiased reports on various basement waterproofing solutions.

These are all important points that will help you make the right choice of contractor. Once you find out what your house is going to look like during and after the work you are in a position to hire the best contractor for the job.

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