Trex Fences- The Best Alternative To Wood

Wooden fences have been used for several centuries. A fence is basically a small barrier that you can construct on the boundary of your property, in order to keep out unwanted visitors. The height of the fence generally varies. Some people prefer fences of waist-height, while there are many homeowners who prefer full-sized fences, that have a height of at least 9 feet. Fences are made from several materials, like wood, plastic variants, and even metals such as wrought iron and aluminum. If you want the rustic appeal and outlook of wooden fences, opting for Trex fences is a great idea.

Why Trex?

Trex fences look exactly like wooden fences, except that they are considerably easier to maintain. If you choose conventional wooden fences, you will need to polish and repaint the fences every six months or so. However, that isn’t a problem if you choose trex based fences. These fences aren’t damaged by the atmospheric elements, and will last you significantly longer. You don’t need to worry about splinters and breakage with Trex fencing. On top of that, Trex fencing is also cheaper when compared with wooden variants. It’s by far the best alternative available to people who want the look and feel of wooden fencing, but don’t to spend that much money. Tim’s Fences offers high-quality Trex fencing.


Installing Trex fences isn’t a problem. You can install the fences on your own, or you can contact the fencing company to send a team and install the fences for you. Once these fences have been fitted in the ground, they are quite sturdy, and don’t give way easily. If you want solid, protective, fencing around the house, opting for Trex fencing is an excellent idea. You can also connect with them on Linkedin.

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