Use Architectural Pottery to Change the Face of Your Garden or Landscape

When it comes to elevating your outdoor garden space to a higher level, architectural pottery remains a popular choice among homeowners. A broad range of pottery options are available on the market, with each one capable of helping you achieve a completely new and unique look to either create or upgrade your garden and landscape. Some of the most attention-grabbing pieces are those from Europe, a continent known for its unparalleled garden designs and architectural pieces dating back centuries.

Terracotta History
Some of the most beautiful gardens with architectural pottery around the world feature terracotta clay. Terracotta was an essential part of the Roman culture, with Romans employing Etruscan sculptors to create beautiful terracotta productions in centuries past. The Etruscan sculptors actually borrowed much of their technique from the Greeks. With a heritage spanning 3,000 years, terracotta continues to be appealing today.

Italian Terracotta Details
Impruneta terracotta from Italy offers many appealing features. It possesses exceptional durability, thanks to the clay’s chemical characteristics coupled with traditional firing and production methods. Italian terracotta pottery from Eye of the Day also has a unique reddish-brown hue, giving it a warm look that will immediately transform the atmosphere of your garden. You can expect this type of pottery to last generations.

Greek Terracotta
Greek terracotta pottery is also an option if you would like your property to feature a hint of the island of Crete, where this handmade pottery can be obtained through Eye of the Day. Ancient techniques are used to produce these top-quality pottery pieces. For instance, a potter uses wheels that can be turned by foot or hand to shape the pots. In addition, these Greek pots get their distinct color in part through being fired in kilns that burn olive pits. The hand-created handles and patterns will immediately help your garden look more charming and add a historical touch to your residential property.

Regardless of your architectural pottery needs, Eye of the Day Garden Design Center offers a huge selection of pottery to make your home and garden stand out in a way you may have never thought possible.

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