Why A Poured Floor Is The Perfect Option For A Basement Playroom

There are many reasons why parents need a dedicated playroom for their children. Having all of their toys and games in one room reduces the mess in the rest of the home, makes it easier to contain them in a safe place while cooking supper or cleaning and keeps toys out of their bedroom where they become a distraction during bed time. When choosing materials for the room it is important to select the right products. They must be safe, attractive and easy to keep clean. This is why a Poured Floor is an excellent option.

Easy to Clean

Children regularly sit on the floor when they play and are exposed to any germs left on the surface. Poured floors do not have any seams where dirt or bacteria will collect. The non-porous material is antimicrobial so it will not pass on viruses or collect mold. Regular sweeping and mopping keep the floor sanitary and safe for little ones.

Keeps its Appearance

Durability is probably the most valuable trait of playroom materials. Children are rarely gentle when they play. A Poured Floor can withstand normal activities that any interior flooring would survive. It is also able to stay beautiful when other surfaces may not. Examples include children Rollerblading, riding bikes or just jumping around. It will not warp or stain if covered in grape juice and will not splinter or crack from heavy use.

Offers Many Options

Choose a tinted or dyed flooring material. Create an interesting pattern. Throw in some glitter or shimmering metal chips. The design ideas are endless and every floor is unique. It is very easy to incorporate room colors into the pattern or to choose something neutral that will match the room over the years. A smooth and glossy finish is possible with all of these options.

Homeowners may have seen this type of flooring in commercial locations and garages and worry that the finished look will seem too industrial for a cozy toy room. This is simply not true. Some of the most beautiful and artistic interior floors use these materials. Companies like Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation have talented installation experts that make every floor perfect in every room. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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