Are You Thinking Of Building A New Garage?

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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A garage is considered to be a large scale project and as such there are many factors to take into account, all of which have a bearing on the scope of the project and price. Garage estimates in Highland vary considerably depending on the garage style, physical size, features, materials and more. On average, a typical two-car garage will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000 but, as this is an “average,” the actual prices can go either way.

The choice: Attached or detached?

An attached garage tends to cost less to construct as there is at least one existing wall, this obviously reduces the construction cost. A detached garage starts from scratch but can usually offer better options. There are certain factors to consider:

* Attached garage: It is easier to build three walls and cheaper to build three walls rather than four. An attached garage has one major benefit; you can go from the garage to the home without having to venture outside. This arrangement makes it ideal for placing a freezer or extra refrigerator. Typically attached garage estimates in Highland run up to $10,000 for a single car and double that for two cars.

* Detached garage: If the layout of your home on the property is such that there is insufficient room for an attached garage, then a detached garage is the solution. A detached garage can be located anywhere on the property as long as it meets local codes. A detached garage is more suitable as secondary living space; many people find that building a second story “granny flat” to be ideal housing for elderly parents.

Regardless of whether the garage is attached or detached, garage estimates in Highland can take into account common features. With professional design help, both garages can easily accommodate a workspace, extra storage space, effective lighting and even climate control.

If you are thinking of adding a well-constructed garage to your home, Indiana Garage Guys will be happy to offer garage estimates in Highland. Let the Indiana Garage Guys show you what they can do.

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