Commercial Roofing Minneapolis Experts Help You File Your Claim

When you have damage to your roof following a storm or other natural disaster, filing a claim for repairs is often the best path to take. When you contact a commercial roofing Minneapolis expert, they can usually help you file that claim to make sure you keep your out of pocket expenses at a minimum. Keep the following tips in mind when dealing with your insurance company so you can get the money that you deserve.


The first bit of information you will need when filing your claim is the date of the damage. As soon as a major storm hits or other occurrence, such as an earthquake, tornado or high winds, write down the date so you will remember it. If you are comfortable doing it, you should also climb up to the roof to take pictures of the potential damage. However, a commercial roofing Minneapolis expert can do this part for you if that makes you more comfortable. Most of them do this anyways when they come out to give you an estimate on repairs.

Talk to a Qualified Commercial Roofing Minneapolis Expert

Before filing your claim with the insurance company, meet with a couple commercial roofing experts in Minneapolis. They can inspect your roof and give you an idea about the extent of the damage. They can also tell you how much it would cost you out of pocket to fix the damage in case you don’t want to go through the insurance company. In some cases, your premiums might go up if you file a claim depending on how many claims you’ve filed recently and other circumstances. While a commercial roofing Minneapolis expert cannot necessarily give you financial advice, they can help you explore your options to keep your costs to a minimum.

File Your Claim

If you have decided to file a claim with your insurance company, contact your agent to schedule an appointment with an adjuster. The adjuster will come out and assess the damage so they can determine the amount of the check that they will issue to you to repair the damages.

Contact a Commercial Roofing Minneapolis Company

Once you get the approval from the insurance company, you can contact the commercial roofing Minneapolis company that you decided to work with for the repairs. They will schedule a time to begin the repairs and they should give you an idea about when the repairs will be done as well so you can get back to the daily operations of your business.





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