Five Great Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Living in an older home can have many charms, but dealing with drafty windows is not one of them. Here are some reasons why you should consider window replacement in Connecticut to update your old, inefficient windows.

First, though, we will discuss a few ways you can determine whether you need new windows. If you notice that it is colder near the windows than at any other place in your home, or you feel a slight draft when you are sitting or standing near a window, you may need a replacement. When you see condensation or frost that builds up on the inside of the window, or notice that the trim is rotting or cracking, you may want to consider new windows. Finally, if you just don’t like the look of your current windows, you should think about replacing them.

One of the most noticeable benefits you will see from new windows is an increase in energy efficiency, and thus a decrease in your heating and cooling utility bills. These savings can add up quickly, and helping recoup the cost of the window replacement in Connecticut. The standards for new windows today are far more efficient than even a few years ago, so you may consider window replacement even if your current windows are not that old.

Your new energy-efficient windows are more environmentally friendly than the old windows you are replacing. The money you save on heating and cooling means less electricity, and less natural gas consumed by your HVAC systems, reducing your carbon footprint virtually overnight.

Another added benefit of new windows is protection from ultraviolet rays. Even without purchasing tinted windows, newer windows can come equipped with UV-blocking technology to keep your furniture and interior décor from fading.

If you noticed condensation or frost building up on the inside of the window, the moisture is probably seeping in through cracks in your window frames. This can cause damage to your home, and can be a source for mold and mildew buildup that causes even more damage to your windows and the surrounding walls over time.

Finally, if you just do not like the way your current windows look, new windows can give your home a brand new look without an extensive remodel project. This new look, along with the increase in energy efficiency and utility savings that come with new windows, can also have the added benefit of increasing the value of your home.

New windows provide energy efficiency and cost savings, promote environmentally friendly behaviors, protect your home from UV rays, and give you a whole new look. With all these benefits, window replacement in Connecticut seems like an easy choice.



Are your old windows in need of window replacement in Connecticut? Start seeing the benefits from window replacement in Connecticut by finding the window replacement experts in your area.


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