Gutter Cleaning in Pasadena Prevents Damage to the Home

A clogged gutter can lead to rainwater building up and damaging the roof, foundation, and walls of a home. Furthermore, the landscape may be negatively impacted when rainwater isn’t properly diverted away from the structure. While many homeowners assume they only need to worry about leaves and other debris when it comes to their gutters, this isn’t the case. Bees may build a nest in a gutter, pests may decide to take up residence here, and rodents have been known to leave items in this component of the house. For these reasons, Gutter Cleaning in Pasadena is essential.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutters should be examined and cleaned a minimum of twice a year. Do this in the spring when the weather turns nice and then again in the fall when the leaves have dropped. Leaves are a frequent culprit of clogged gutters, but people cannot neglect the spring cleaning due to the number of animals coming out in the nice weather and making a new home. When cleaning the gutters, be sure to have the downspouts examined also, as they may become clogged and bring about a backup of water that could damage the home.

Why Turn to the Professionals?

Individuals often question why they should call in a professional when they can grab a ladder and clean the gutters themselves. However, falls from ladders accounted for approximately 240,000 visits to the emergency room in 2009, the last year statistics are available for, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The bigger the house, the higher the person must climb. Paying someone to clean the gutters is less expensive than the bills that result from an accident of this type. Be sure to check the insurance of the company hired, however, to make certain you are protected in the event something does go wrong.

If Gutter Cleaning in Pasadena is not a task that a homeowner is comfortable with, Accutech Pest Management ( can be of help. This company comes out, examines the gutters and downspouts, and removes any debris that could lead to problems. Furthermore, they can treat the home and yard to protect against pest infestations and reduce the risk of problems developing. Call them today to schedule an appointment, as doing so helps to protect the home and its occupants from issues such as these.

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