Is a Service Contract for Air Conditioning in Tigard a Good Idea?

Along with installing a new heating, ventilation and cooling system in the home, it also makes sense to consider the possibility of purchasing an annual service contract. Contracts of this type provide a range of benefits that can come in very handy for the maintenance and repair of the Air conditioning in Tigard.

Here are some examples of the type of benefits found in most heating and air contracts.

Free Annual Inspections: Most of the contracts for Air conditioning in Tigard will include one full inspection per year at no additional cost to the homeowner. This benefit ensures that at least once per year a professional will take an in-depth look at every aspect of the system. That includes checking the condition of the duct work. The importance of that annual inspection cannot be understated. In many cases, the professional will be able to detect a minor issue that has the potential to expand into a major problem later on. By taking care of the matter now, there is no need to make a more costly repair at a later date.

Free Service Calls: Many contracts for Air conditioning in Tigard include a limited number of free service calls. This can come in very handy when the homeowner believes something is not quite right with the system. If the technician arrives and finds there is nothing wrong, or notices some minor issue that does not require new parts, then there is no cost to the homeowner. Over the course of a year, this one benefit can save a lot of money.

Discounts on Parts and Labor: It is not unusual for a service contract to include discounts on specific parts and the labor involved with certain kinds of tasks. Depending on the exact terms, this provision can easily pay for the total cost of the service contract if one covered event takes place during the contract period. The bottom line is there is nothing to lose by taking out a service contract, but there is everything to gain.

Contact Air conditioning provider today and find out what types of options are available for service contracts. In no time at all, one can be in place, and the homeowner can rest easy knowing he or she is covered when and if some type of repair work is needed.

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