The Process of Metal Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County

Most business owners want to work towards their property being more energy efficient. Well you can make it more efficient while also enhancing the buildings overall design. Metal commercial roofing in Montgomery County can accomplish both these goals and be a solid choice to protect your building for decades into the future. Metal commercial roofing is a solid and strong style of roofing that is simultaneously versatile. It far out performs the standard commercial roofing choices you see throughout Montgomery County now of fiberglass and asphalt. But hail can pose the largest drawback to metal commercial roofing. Significant hail damage can lead to heat loss and even if damaged badly enough future leaking of water. But you can’t let this interrupt your business so choosing the proper metal commercial roofing in Montgomery County to install your roof is vital.

Metal Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County Starts with Preparing the Surface

This type of commercial roofing in Montgomery County is best known for heat retention which will lower costly heat bills immediately during Maryland winters. The commercial roofing company will begin with clearing the roof of any type of existing debris and oil substances that may adversely affect the metal roofing. While preparing the surface scum and scales will be removed through the use of sandblasting tools. This is hosed off with pressure washing and then completely dried in order to facilitate the preparation of caulking any leak areas.

First Step for Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County is Seams and Caulking

The natural seams in the roof and any apparent gaps that were identified during the pressure washing preparation are then treated with blocking materials and caulk of a heavy duty sort to prevent any future leaks. This step is done with great care and the roof is inspected for potential weak spots as subsequent areas if missed can lead to costly water damage. The strong compound is used in addition to caulk to protect the seams. This process targets vertical panel joints and the horizontal natural seams. The treatment is applied to said areas to enhance added strength to the metal roof surface.

Last Step of Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County is the Top and Final Coats

In order for the metal commercial roofing in Montgomery County to last and realize its decade’s worth of function a top coat and a final coat are applied. These coats are add in order to act as an additional barrier of added protection against the invasion of weather like sitting snow or falling rain. These two layers will warrant off any possible corrosion over alternative types of roofing systems. This top coat is a reflective and is white in color; it is then applied over joints and screws in order to avoid any possible breaks in the seal. This coat is left to thoroughly dry after which the final coat is applied over the roof in its entirety. These last two steps work incredibly well in extending the life of the roof.

With restoration services for commercial roofing in Montgomery County, you can extend the life of a roof and avoid a complete replacement. To check out the warranty options for this type of roofing, visit


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