The Science Behind the Briquette Shape of Pulsar® Plus Briquettes

Not many commercial pool companies are using liquid bleach as a chlorination system anymore. Storing liquid bleach can be expensive, and containers which store liquid bleach are prone to leaking, meaning the loss of product and money. Liquid bleach can also cause a pool to have an offensive smell, even if it is used properly. The general public does associate the smell of bleach with cleanliness. However, an overwhelming smell of bleach can cause discomfort. This is why most companies are now using chlorinated tablets along with a reliable feeder system.

Pulsar® Systems created Pulsar® Plus Briquettes after studying other chlorinated tablets and realizing that there was room for improvement. Buying tablets in bulk for a commercial pool can be expensive, and Pulsar®  wanted to create a tablet which would be more efficient for pool managers. The science behind the briquette shape was established because Pulsar® found that there was a lot of wasted space between chlorinated tablets when they were put into a feeder. The tablets didn’t typically lay flush against each other. Instead, there were large gaps between each tablet. Pulsar® created the briquette shape with the idea that tablets could lay closer together, reducing gaps and decreasing necessary storage space. When briquettes are placed into a feeder, they can be adjusted to created an evenly distributed and well-packed area.

When tablets are evenly distributed in a feeder, the inlet water is able to erode the tablets all along the bottom of the feeder before reaching the next layer of tablets. Pulsar® feeders also use special technology to allow the pool manager or owner to adjust the amount of inlet water to save resources.

Pulsar® Plus Briquettes were designed with the focus on saving space and creating a more reliable, predictable chlorination system. They also contain a scale inhibitor, which reduces the damage that strong chemicals can inflict on equipment and plaster after long-term use. These briquettes are more compact, easy to transport, store, and handle, and combined with an excellent feeder system can decrease maintenance time and improve pool experiences.

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