What Are the Steps Involved in a Pool Installation in League City?

Having a pool installed provides a wonderful and fun relief from the onslaught of heat the summer months can bring. It takes a few weeks for a pool to be fully designed and installed, so it is important a homeowner is properly prepared. Knowing the steps that will be involved in the pool installation in League City will help a homeowner to be fully ready for their installation.

What Steps Are Involved in the Process?

There are several steps that must be carried out before the pool is fully installed and ready for swimming. A homeowner will find this is a multi-week process and typically takes from six to eight weeks, depending on the weather.

  • The first step of the pool installation in League City involves the project design and proposal. The design team will work with the homeowner to help determine the proper design for their pool. Once the design has been drawn up, it will need to be approved by the homeowner, so the excavation of the property can take place.
  • The team must then apply for the permits and approvals that are necessary for ensuring the pool project can begin. The contractors are responsible for getting the permits for the project, though the homeowner may be responsible for any accessory projects.
  • The forms for the outer perimeter of the pool will be laid down to ensure they are in the correct position. Once these have been laid out, the excavation of the pool area can begin.
  • Steel rebar is placed both horizontally and vertically to line the pool walls and ensures they are strong enough to withstand the immense pressure that will be placed on them once the pool has been fully installed and filled.
  • The pipes are installed and then the pool floor and gunite application are applied. Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement and it can withstand great amounts of pressure.
  • Next, the tile work and then the plumbing is finished. The equipment must then be installed and hooked up. The deck is then created and a finish is placed over the pool’s surface before the water can be added in.

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