Three Tips for Choosing Central Air Conditioner Financing

If your central air conditioning has to be replaced and you need air conditioner financing to get it done, take a deep breath and remember these three tips! These tips are easy to remember, easy to apply and will help you get the financing you need fast!

Tip # 1 Don’t Bother with Your Bank
Banks are still reeling from the 2008 subprime lending fiasco, so they are still very conservative when it comes to lending. They will put you through the motions only to deny you 7 days later by mail and cite some issue contained in one of the credit reports they use. Traditional lenders are not very user-friendly. If you need financing for your air conditioner, you really don’t have time to deal with traditional lenders. It can be a huge waste of time while you sit in the heat at home.

Tip# 2 Don’t Buy Used
If you already have a clunker of a unit, don’t buy a second one. It can be tempting to forgo the search for financing and just buy a used unit and keep your fingers crossed. But keep in mind that “used” means it’s sold “as is” which means if it stops working in a week, you just threw good money away. Try to avoid any deals on used equipment. It is far too risky.  Don’t give in to frustration—there is a lender out there that is ready to help!

Tip # 3 Call This Company
Microf is the company you want to call when you are searching for financing for central air/heat. They will take the problem right off your shoulders. They will provide you with all the information you need, an easy payment plan option, and even connect you with trusted contractors they work with.

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