Today’s Trends for Hardwood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines, IA

For hardwood flooring installation in West Des Moines IA residents have many choices for types, colors, and styles. This material is a superb option for people who want to avoid having carpeting in most or all of the home’s rooms. Carpet can be difficult to keep clean, and it’s not ideal for people with allergies to dust mites or pollen. Homeowners may want to know the current trends in wood floor choices if they want their house to look up to date.

Increasingly, residential property owners are choosing darker colors for wood floors and wider planks. They offset the dark brown hues with light-colored walls, ceilings, and furnishings. More daring individuals have the planks installed in a combination of layouts. Five short planks might be installed in the direction that the main entry to the room faces, while the next five planks are laid in the opposite direction. People also increasingly prefer a more historic look for wood floors, with the natural grain being relatively obvious. Maple and hickory from an installation company such as Royal Flooring are excellent selections for this goal.

For Hardwood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines IA residents might want to view photo galleries of possibilities and learn more about the various kinds of wood used for floors. Hard woods are the most prevalent choices because they are the most durable. However, soft wood is more affordable, and it’s suitable for low-traffic areas that won’t be vulnerable to scratches and dents. Pine is generally the selection for soft wood, and it fits with the historic appearance since it has knots and remarkable natural grain. Older farmhouses and log cabins often were constructed with knotty pine flooring.

To see examples of deep, rich colors and innovative flooring designs, Check Out to view photos there and click on links of brands they install. Reddish hues in oak and cherry create a classic aesthetic feature. The darkest browns and even ebony stain look elegant in living rooms, great rooms and dining areas. The most difficult part of the project might be deciding which characteristics are most desirable in various rooms of the home.

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