Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration is employed in a number of different sectors; refrigeration is often a necessity in manufacturing and processing industries. The greatest majority of industrial refrigeration in California can be found in the processing, storage and distribution of food and beverages. Other equally important industries that use refrigeration include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the semi-conductor manufacturing sector.

Cooling requirements:

It is difficult to actually define industrial refrigeration as there are many variables. To best understand usage, the industry is really three sub-sections:

Small and medium: This sector represents the bulk of industrial refrigeration in California; the units are dedicated to a specific cooling demand and are usually located in close proximity to the operation.

Large systems: Large systems are used to cool large loads in cold storage facilities. The refrigerant is located in a central compressor room and piped to one or more units.

Typical design parameters:

Industrial refrigeration systems operate at different temperatures depending on the specifics of the application. The food processing industry, a large sector of the markets, operates at temperatures similar to those found in a domestic refrigerator which varies from zero to plus eight degrees C. There are other industrial applications that operate at far lower temperatures.

Refrigerator sizing:

There are a number of issues that are taken into account when designing an industrial refrigeration system. As it is expected that products that are not cold will be brought into the refrigerated area the cooling demands vary based on the expected temperature differentials. The design is quite different for a system that only has to bring the product temperature down five degrees vs. a system required to drop the temperature fifty degrees.

The key to the most efficient system design lies in understanding your requirements. A system that is either undersized or over designed will not operate efficiently which results in unnecessary product loss and high energy consumption.

The engineers at Turn Key Systems are very aware of what it takes to design and manufacture efficient systems for industrial refrigeration in California.

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