Why Emergency Pest Control is Essential

It is important when choosing an emergency pest control company, that they are proficient in all the areas that one is seeking help in. When it comes to the damaging effects that pests and animals can have on a home, every situation may seem like an emergency. While many try the over the counter products, they may not be using them correctly or taking the proper precautionary measures to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Tampa is a Pest Breeding Ground

In areas that are warm and sunny for most of the time, such as Tampa, people tend to have pest problems more often than those individuals that live in cooler climates. This may have nothing to do with how clean one keeps their home, but more to do with the fact the a climate like the one in Tampa, is essentially a pest breeding ground where bugs can grow and reproduce at tremendous speeds.

Pests Build Up a Tolerance

Emergency pest control may become something to consider once the entire over the counter products are no longer working. Some pests build up resilience and some pesticides, even though they say they can handle the issue effectively, may not be able to reach the root source of the pest problem. Chet’s Pest has developed a system over the years that leave an impenetrable perimeter around someone’s home, making it nearly impossible for pest to become an issue after they have completed their job. Chet’s emergency pest control services are so sure in their techniques, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee – no hassles at all.

57 Point Audit and Bug Inspection

The emergency pest control system that has been developed includes a 57-point bug and audit inspection! That is huge in comparison to other companies in the Tampa area. Others steps included in the initial clean out are:

1. Checking in the attic/crawl space areas

2. All switch plates and electrical outlet covers will be removed and baits will be applied

3. All kick plates will be treated as well as under every sink and vanity area within the residence

Emergency pest control interior treatment will include:

1. Treatment around all doors and window areas

2. Spider web removal

3. Checking under all covers, curtains, showers curtains

4. Treatment under washers and refrigerators, as well as, any large furniture items

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