Why You Should Keep a Salt Free Pool

As the dangers of using chlorine to treat your swimming pool or spa become more well-known, alternative water treatment methods have been gaining popularity among pool and spa owners. The natural alternative methods found at Clearwater Pool Systems have been scientifically designed and proven to be safe and effective. Others are misunderstood and can actually cause just as much damage as water treated with chlorine. The saltwater pool is among these misunderstood alternative systems. Keeping a salt free pool is just as important as keeping a chlorine free pool

The Big Secret

The biggest misconception about saltwater pool systems is that they are natural. What people usually do not understand is that the chemical name for the salt being used in these systems is sodium chloride, and that sodium chloride is actually the raw component used in making chlorine. This is hidden by the use of a saltwater chlorinator that just produces chlorine instead of you purchasing the chlorine and adding it to the water yourself.

Why it is Important to Keep a Salt Free Pool

There are many issues with saltwater pools aside from just the chemical aspect. The biggest issue with the mechanics of the system is that the chlorinator will not work if the proper levels of salt in the water are not maintained. You must continue to check the pH levels of the water weekly, otherwise the chlorine produced from the chlorinator will not be effective. At Clearwater Pool Systems we offer all natural water treatment alternatives that do not use chlorine or salt water.

Another common issue is that the salt in the water can crystallize, clogging and causing damage to your pool’s filter. In larger-sized pools the chlorinator cannot keep up with maintaining adequate levels in hotter weather. The high levels of salt in the water can also damage and kill grass and plants around your swimming pool and have a tendency to attract bees, flies, and bugs to the swimming area.

A Salt Free Pool is the Best Option

At Clearwater Pool Systems we provide you with scientifically designed and proven systems that use minerals of copper and silver to treat your swimming pool or spa water safely and effectively without adding salt or large amounts of chlorine. Our MineralPure system will provide you with a pool or spa that will be low-maintenance, safe, and contain natural water for your swimming pool or spa. We also have designed a very powerful system called OzoneMAX to be used along with MineralPure. Used alongside MineralPure, OzoneMAX reacts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and can reduce the use of oxidizers and chlorine.

For the best alternatives to chlorine and to keep a salt free pool, visit Clearwater Pool Systems and learn more about how we harness the natural power of minerals and ozone to keep your pool water clean, safe, and refreshing.

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